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Darwin’s Drabbles: Breakfast

21 Nov

“I don’t want you to let Reverend Jacobs’ sermon bother you too much, okay?”

Paula put down her biscuit. She loved her husband, but she hated starting her day like this.

“What is he going to say?”

“That I’m the devil.” He looked at his plate and pushed his eggs around. “And that anyone who ‘has congress with the beast’ is going to burn in hell.”

“Oh, Baby. You know I don’t believe that.” She plastered on a familiar smile. The one that said “I’m not afraid of you” even though she was.

“I know.”

He knew more than she suspected.


Darwin’s Drabbles: Primary Colors

14 Nov

The auras gave him headaches.

At first he thought they were tricks of light, as if the person had walked in front of a colored light bulb. As the ability grew, he realized those first impressions where the brightest. Within weeks everyone was glowing. Red, blue, yellow, brown. Some were murky swirls of colors, others solid floodlights. Why could he see it? What did the colors mean?

Reverend Jacobs said he’d been blessed by the Holy Spirit or was possessed by one of Satan’s agents and suggested Darwin pray for an answer.

Darwin prayed to be free of whatever this was.


Puppies and Rainbows: By Any Other Name

06 Nov

Bowser patiently gnawed on a strip of rawhide as the debate raged.

“We are not naming him ‘Jacob’. Or ‘Edward.’ Or ‘Cullen,’ or anything from those crap books.”

“He’s my dog, Rory. I can name him whatever I want.”

“He needs a classic name. Not some stupid fad that he’ll hate for the rest of his life.”

“He’ll love whatever name I give him, won’t you boy?”

Bowser lumbered over to her. She raised him up and looked him in the eyes.

“What’s your name, little guy?”

Bowser looked back at her and thought with all his might.

“I’ve got it!”


Darwin’s Drabbles: Halloween

31 Oct

Darwin began dreaming of Cleopatra when he was 14. Most were mundane but a few were special. One was a wedding. One they were old, sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner. He didn’t think she was “real” like his other dreams, because how could she be?

At a party when he was 23, he met her. Without his gift, he might not have noticed her. He certainly wouldn’t have found the courage to approach her. She was just a girl in a costume and not the Queen of the Nile, but he knew in an instant she was the girl of his dreams.


Darwin’s Drabbles: Monsters

24 Oct

“What’s this movie about, Eddie?” CeCe asked as Eddie brought the bowl of microwaved popcorn into the living room. Darwin and his “twin cousin” CeCe made room on the couch for their babysitter, but did not separate.

“It’s about a guy who thinks he can predict the future and ends up going crazy because nobody believes him.”

“Why don’t they?” asked Darwin.

“Because only freaks can predict the future, dummy.” Eddie replied.

Darwin turned away and started plucking at the fraying couch.

“Don’t mind him,” CeCe whispered as she bumped Darwin’s shoulder. “You’ve been blessed by God. You’re not a freak.”


Darwin’s Drabbles: Real Monsters

17 Oct

(note: tonight is a double drabble (not counting this part). I started with 177 words into it and when i started culling, it lost its voice. So I pumped it up to 200 words exactly)


“Baby? Why are you calling me at three in the morning?”

“How’s CeCe?”

“CeCe’s fine, Baby. What’s this all about? Did you have another one of your…your episodes?”

“That guy that’s been chasing her, is he still around?”

“You mean Mickey? Why? What is it? What did you see?”

“Answer me, Momma, is he still around?”

“N-no. I don’t think so. I just talked to your auntie last week and she didn’t mention him.”

“Could you call her? Tell her that guy’s no good. Tell her CeCe needs to stay away from him. And not to get in his car.”

“What’s this all about, Darwin? What did you see?”

“Just tell her, okay? He’s a bad man. She doesn’t want to go near him.”

“Maybe you’re wrong this time, Sugar.”

“I’m not, Momma. I never am. You know that. Please. Just tell her.”

“Okay. I’ll tell her in the morning. Will that be okay?”

“Yeah… Yeah, that’ll be fine.”

But it wasn’t. Darwin went to sleep and his mother forgot all about the phone call.

He didn’t understand it yet, but he was starting to. Everything he predicted had to come true, or he wouldn’t be able to predict it.


Darwin’s Drabbles: Waking From a Dream

10 Oct

When he was eight his dreams changed, and the third time something Darwin dreamed came true, he decided it couldn’t just be a coincidence. The dreams felt different than other ones. They nagged at him, like puzzle piece wedged into the wrong spot, until they came true.

He knew his brother Eddie would make the football team, even though freshmen never get picked for varsity.

“I dreamed it,” he’d told him when they were out celebrating.

“Sure ya did, Dar.”

Decades later, during a crisis of faith, Eddie would confess to Darwin that he refused to believe in Darwin’s blasphemous gifts.


Fall: On Your Sword

27 Sep

The copper smell of death was all around him as he picked his way through the defeated army. He should have been captured or beheaded, but he’d been knocked unconscious and escaped the victors’ notice.

“I’ve failed us,” he said upon reaching a particular corpse. “You tried to warn me but my vanity prohibited me from heeding you. I am as sorry for that as anything else.”

He pulled the bloodied sword from his friend’s lifeless grip and wiped the blade clean. The blade slipped easily between the chinks in his armor and he crumpled to the ground.

“Goddess, redeem me.”


Beginnings: I Do

19 Sep

At six she created wedding gowns for her dolls out of toilet paper. At ten she didn’t understand why she couldn’t marry her best friend just because they were both girls. At sixteen she wondered why her parents were still married. At twenty-two the love of her life married someone else. At thirty-one she vowed never to get married. At thirty-nine she embraced her spinsterhood. At fifty-three she buried both parents within two months and she knew why they’d stayed married. At sixty-seven she met a man in her “Active Adults” yoga class.

At sixty-eight she surprised herself by saying yes.