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Monsters: Vampires

20 Oct

As the sun dipped below the horizon, she slowly regained consciousness. She listened for voices or any other signs of struggles. The Hunters had already cleared out two nests in the city. Splitting from her cohorts kept them safer during the day, but the Hunters loved slaying individual vampires as they rose.

Sensing she was not in immediate danger, she slid back the lid of her enclosure.

Micah was waiting as she stepped outside the crypt.

“They found Artemis. By the time I got there…” He held out a charred scrap of purple fabric.

“We have to run,” she said.


Darwin’s Drabbles: Real Monsters

17 Oct

(note: tonight is a double drabble (not counting this part). I started with 177 words into it and when i started culling, it lost its voice. So I pumped it up to 200 words exactly)


“Baby? Why are you calling me at three in the morning?”

“How’s CeCe?”

“CeCe’s fine, Baby. What’s this all about? Did you have another one of your…your episodes?”

“That guy that’s been chasing her, is he still around?”

“You mean Mickey? Why? What is it? What did you see?”

“Answer me, Momma, is he still around?”

“N-no. I don’t think so. I just talked to your auntie last week and she didn’t mention him.”

“Could you call her? Tell her that guy’s no good. Tell her CeCe needs to stay away from him. And not to get in his car.”

“What’s this all about, Darwin? What did you see?”

“Just tell her, okay? He’s a bad man. She doesn’t want to go near him.”

“Maybe you’re wrong this time, Sugar.”

“I’m not, Momma. I never am. You know that. Please. Just tell her.”

“Okay. I’ll tell her in the morning. Will that be okay?”

“Yeah… Yeah, that’ll be fine.”

But it wasn’t. Darwin went to sleep and his mother forgot all about the phone call.

He didn’t understand it yet, but he was starting to. Everything he predicted had to come true, or he wouldn’t be able to predict it.


Real Monsters: Rapist

15 Oct

It wasn’t really rape.

Okay. I mean, technically she never said yes, but seriously? C’mon. A girl like that goes out with a guy like me? She knows how this is going to end. She wouldn’t have come out with me otherwise.

And sure, she brushed me off when I tried to get things going at the bar, but then she asked me to get her a drink.

A drink.

I mean, please. If that doesn’t say “help me say yes,” then I don’t know what does. So I slipped her something to help her out. What are friends for, right?


Real Monsters: Pedophile

14 Oct

Stu hated rainy days. On rainy days the mothers kept their children indoors. The schools didn’t have recess outside. He hated Autumn, too. And Winter. Even when the kids were outside they were bundled. He could hardly catch a glimpse of pink cheeks, let alone a fleshy thigh. That’s why he moved.

He did his research. He chose a city where the average temperature was over 60 degrees year round. There were thirteen parks with playgrounds within walking distance of his apartment. Sixty within a twenty minute drive. He could watch them play for hours every day without drawing attention to himself.


Real Monsters: Crooked Minister

13 Oct

“Reach deep my brothers and sisters. May God in Heaven bless every one of you.”

Reverend Stilton rested in his dressing room when a young woman knocked on the door. She sat on his lap and slid a thick envelope into the inner pocket of his powder blue suit coat.

“I trust you kept a bit of cream for yourself, sugar,” he said as his hand slipped between her thighs. She feigned a protest and batted at his hand. He winked as she slipped out the door.

“May God in Heaven bless us both,” he said as he patted his pocket.


Real Monsters: Serial Killer

12 Oct

He’d been watching her for weeks. She stopped at the coffee shop next to the dry cleaners on a regular basis. Every other week she came in and dropped off 8 blouses, 4 skirts, and 4 pairs of slacks. He’d picked enough stray hairs to determine that her hair was one of the shades he was missing.

He knew she was perfect, but he had to wait for the sign. When the sun hit her hair at 8:17 on the morning of August, 8th, he knew it was time.

Eight days later he placed the plait of her hair in his scrapbook and began packing.


Real Monsters: Alcoholic

11 Oct

“You’ve been drinking,” she said quietly, stating the obvious. His shirt was stained and his busted lip had just started to crust over.

“And?” He scanned the room, looking for another fight to pick.

“Nothing.” She rose to leave, but he grabbed her before she reached the door and pulled her off balance.

“You got a problem with that?” She flinched as her back hit the wall.

“N-no. I just… Please. Let me go, Mike.”

She put up her free hand to push him away, and his grip tightened on her other arm. It was going to be a long night.