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Under the Bed: Wheels

30 Nov

Wheels were a dangerous thing.

Wheels made you exciting. A toy like Tommy, who gets revved backwards until he makes that satisfying clicking noise and then zooms the length of the kitchen, was often the star of the afternoon.

But wheels were dangerous.

Sometimes, while you are zipping, the child gets distracted. If you are lucky, he’ll go searching for you. If you aren’t, if it was a call to dinner, you could be lost for days.

And if you are really unlucky, like fast-moving Tommy, you can get yourself wedged so far under the bed that you’ll never be found.


Breakfast: Home

19 Nov

Tuesday afternoon is bingo. Wednesday they serve meatloaf for dinner. Friday morning she has a hair-setting appointment. Her week has many things to look forward to, but Sunday is her favorite.

On Sunday her favorite son comes and takes her to brunch at The Stuffed Turkey, a local restaurant with a special weekend brunch menu. He talks about his job and her grandchildren and listens while she prattles on about the latest gossip in her community. He drinks coffee and she sips a mimosa, but she’s transported back across the years to his childhood and she feels anything is still possible.


Primary Colors: LiveStrong

13 Nov

There were two things he never took off without a very good reason. The first was the wedding ring that had to be replaced after falling into a river on his honeymoon. The other was a yellow band of rubber imprinted with a simple challenge. It had been a fad for some, but for him it was a call to action. After nearly 10 years of marriage, he could hardly feel the weight of the ring. The band would go unnoticed for weeks and then it would get snagged on a shirt and remind him.

Cancer sucks. Also, get on your bike.

inspired by one of Ryan’s recent tweets.


Primary Colors: Candy Apple Red

08 Nov

She did not consider herself a flashy person. She dressed conservatively by modern standards and only her grandmother would question the tightness of her sweaters or the length of her skirts. Her job was mundane at best. Her relationship was years old and comfortable.

That was before he dumped her. For someone flashy and trendy and “exciting” who taught pilates at a yoga studio.

She knew it was drastic. She knew she’d likely end up regretting it, but she didn’t care. She saw the bright red car on her commute and called in sick on her way to the dealership.


Puppies and Rainbows: Roark

02 Nov

Roark hated everything. He didn’t really mind his friends, but everything else was on his shit list. He hated color so he dressed almost entirely in black. He hated school because it came easy to him and classes left him bored and cranky. He hated his parents. They were perfectly content letting him be as angstful as he wanted instead of fighting him like his friends’ parents did. He hated his hyper little sister, Bethany. He hated that she got straight A’s in her first semester of middle school and got to pick out a dog.

Then Roark saw Bowser.


Darwin’s Drabbles: Halloween

31 Oct

Darwin began dreaming of Cleopatra when he was 14. Most were mundane but a few were special. One was a wedding. One they were old, sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner. He didn’t think she was “real” like his other dreams, because how could she be?

At a party when he was 23, he met her. Without his gift, he might not have noticed her. He certainly wouldn’t have found the courage to approach her. She was just a girl in a costume and not the Queen of the Nile, but he knew in an instant she was the girl of his dreams.


Blood: Coldblooded

26 Oct

The sun woke him in the morning, hitting him square in the eye and warming the earth around him. Warmed, he’d leave his crevice and stretch out on his rock. Periodically he’d slink off into the shade and scope out a meal, but mostly he spent his time on his rock.

During cold or rainy months, he would hurry to find food before he grew too stiff to catch it. Sometimes he couldn’t be bothered to leave his nest at all. He lived for those clear, warm days when it was just him and the sun.

Nothing felt better than sunbathing.


Blood: On Your Hands

26 Oct

She’d had an easier time getting juice from freshly picked walnuts off of her hands than she was having with this blood. Days later, no amount of scrubbing would lift the stain that coated her hands and ran up her arms. She scrubbed whenever she found the opportunity, and made excuses to walk by basins, fountains as often as she could.

As the days passed and the stain grew more persistent, she took to wearing gloves to her elbows. Let them think she was putting on airs as the new Queen of Scotland. It was better than anyone discovering the truth.


Monsters: Giant Lizard

22 Oct

Livid. That was the best word to describe her emotional state.

Livid and freaked out. That was more accurate.

And hungry.

She couldn’t find anything to eat. Nothing looked familiar. It was all glass and cement and metal. At least in her cage there was sand and a dish of water and insects and lettuce that appeared on a regular basis. They may have injected her with strange-feeling substances, but at least she could find food. She wanted a cricket. She wanted to go home.

Maybe if she tore open enough of these boxes she’d find what she was looking for.


Monsters: Mummy

21 Oct

It was expected, of course, that when his cousin died, he would join him. It was an honor Hamin freely accepted. The priests ensured he would be able to withstand the rituals and be transformed into an eternal guardian of the Pharaoh’s tomb. And so it came to pass that when the God Who Walks Among Us fell, Hamin was interred with him, along with scores of servants to serve him forever.

Hamin was a true believer and was genuinely surprised when he did not rise soon after his death. More surprised were the grave robbers, millennia later, who woke him.