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Primary Colors: LiveStrong

13 Nov

There were two things he never took off without a very good reason. The first was the wedding ring that had to be replaced after falling into a river on his honeymoon. The other was a yellow band of rubber imprinted with a simple challenge. It had been a fad for some, but for him it was a call to action. After nearly 10 years of marriage, he could hardly feel the weight of the ring. The band would go unnoticed for weeks and then it would get snagged on a shirt and remind him.

Cancer sucks. Also, get on your bike.

inspired by one of Ryan’s recent tweets.


Primary Colors: Over Easy?

10 Nov

The butter sizzles in the pan. The egg is cracked and spreads in the pan, translucent white bubbling and turning opaque. She slides the spatula under the egg and lifts. The egg wobbles and threatens to slip. She bites her lip and flips the egg. She opens her eyes and sighs as she sees the yolk mix with the setting white. It turns pale yellow as it hardens.

She slides the wrecked egg onto the waiting pile of losses. She cuts off a fresh pad of butter and returns the pan to the stove. She reaches into the nearly-empty egg carton.


Waking From A Dream: Misfiled

06 Oct

He’s dreading facing the day before him. What will he possibly say to make amends for the terrible way he acted? He’s amazed he wasn’t fired on the spot. He had no idea what had gotten into him. One minute he’d been having lunch with his grandmother and an anteater, and the next he was cursing out his boss for no good reason.

Wait, he thinks. His grandmother has been dead for a decade and there aren’t any anteaters at his his accounting firm.

He’ll spend the next 23 minutes trying to pick the bits of dreams from the pile real memories.


Senses: Bitterness

30 Sep

Brigit could almost taste the resentment in the cookie. It looked like a standard peanut butter cookie with a chocolate kiss planted in the center, but something was off. Was it made with store-brand peanut butter approaching its “best before” date? Was the chocolate from a previous season’s holiday?

She pressed on. Nothing was exactly right, even things that had been purchased at the store. Looking around, it seemed nobody was comfortable, especially the bride. Brigit turned to the hostess and smiled gently. It must be hard giving a shower for your sister when she’s marrying the man of your dreams.


Fall: In Line

24 Sep

“You want some?” the boy said as he thrust the plate of chocolates at the girl.

“Bertram!” a stern voice snapped. “That is not how we talk to our guests.”

Bert was so startled the chocolates scattered on the plate and a few almost fell off. Stacey, his “offended guest”, snickered as he scrambled to keep them from falling. He wanted to stick his tongue out at her, but that would have gotten in more trouble.

“Try again,” his mother demanded.

Bert pasted a smile on his face, bowed, and extended the plate.

“Would you care for a chocolate, Miss Arbuckle?”