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Darwin’s Drabbles: Monsters

24 Oct

“What’s this movie about, Eddie?” CeCe asked as Eddie brought the bowl of microwaved popcorn into the living room. Darwin and his “twin cousin” CeCe made room on the couch for their babysitter, but did not separate.

“It’s about a guy who thinks he can predict the future and ends up going crazy because nobody believes him.”

“Why don’t they?” asked Darwin.

“Because only freaks can predict the future, dummy.” Eddie replied.

Darwin turned away and started plucking at the fraying couch.

“Don’t mind him,” CeCe whispered as she bumped Darwin’s shoulder. “You’ve been blessed by God. You’re not a freak.”


Monsters: Giant Lizard

22 Oct

Livid. That was the best word to describe her emotional state.

Livid and freaked out. That was more accurate.

And hungry.

She couldn’t find anything to eat. Nothing looked familiar. It was all glass and cement and metal. At least in her cage there was sand and a dish of water and insects and lettuce that appeared on a regular basis. They may have injected her with strange-feeling substances, but at least she could find food. She wanted a cricket. She wanted to go home.

Maybe if she tore open enough of these boxes she’d find what she was looking for.


Monsters: Mummy

21 Oct

It was expected, of course, that when his cousin died, he would join him. It was an honor Hamin freely accepted. The priests ensured he would be able to withstand the rituals and be transformed into an eternal guardian of the Pharaoh’s tomb. And so it came to pass that when the God Who Walks Among Us fell, Hamin was interred with him, along with scores of servants to serve him forever.

Hamin was a true believer and was genuinely surprised when he did not rise soon after his death. More surprised were the grave robbers, millennia later, who woke him.


Monsters: Vampires

20 Oct

As the sun dipped below the horizon, she slowly regained consciousness. She listened for voices or any other signs of struggles. The Hunters had already cleared out two nests in the city. Splitting from her cohorts kept them safer during the day, but the Hunters loved slaying individual vampires as they rose.

Sensing she was not in immediate danger, she slid back the lid of her enclosure.

Micah was waiting as she stepped outside the crypt.

“They found Artemis. By the time I got thereā€¦” He held out a charred scrap of purple fabric.

“We have to run,” she said.


Monsters: Zombies

19 Oct


Brains. Braaaains brains, brains braaaains. Brains brains brains braaaaains brains brains. Braaaaaaains. Brains brains brains, brains. Brains? Braaains. Brains. Brains brains brains brains braaaains brains brains. Braaaaains, brains braaains braaaaains, brains. Braains.


Brains brains brains. Braaaaains, brains braaains, brains brains. Brains brains braaains.


Brains! mmmm……braaaaaains….

Brains brains brains brains, brains. Braaaains brains brains brains. Brains, brains brains. Brains brains brains brains brains braaaaains. Brains brains brains. Braaaains, brains. Brains brains braaaaains. Brains brains. Braaaaains. Brains brains, brains brains brains braaains. Brains.

Brains brains brains. Braaaaains. Braaaaaaaains. Brains. Braaaains brains brains. Brains.


Brains! Brains! Brainsbrainsbrains!




Monsters: Werewolf

18 Oct

The moon calls to her. She can feel it itching along her spine. It doesn’t matter if she can see the moon or not. It could be on the other side of the planet and she can still feel the moment slowly approach where she will have to give over to what lurks inside her.

Once a month she makes the three-hour drive to her family’s land outside of town. With her similarly-afflicted kin, she sheds first her clothes, then her skin. The transformation into wolf-like form is painful, but not without rewards. For three days, the moon is their master.