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Senses: Bitterness

30 Sep

Brigit could almost taste the resentment in the cookie. It looked like a standard peanut butter cookie with a chocolate kiss planted in the center, but something was off. Was it made with store-brand peanut butter approaching its “best before” date? Was the chocolate from a previous season’s holiday?

She pressed on. Nothing was exactly right, even things that had been purchased at the store. Looking around, it seemed nobody was comfortable, especially the bride. Brigit turned to the hostess and smiled gently. It must be hard giving a shower for your sister when she’s marrying the man of your dreams.


Fall: In Line

24 Sep

“You want some?” the boy said as he thrust the plate of chocolates at the girl.

“Bertram!” a stern voice snapped. “That is not how we talk to our guests.”

Bert was so startled the chocolates scattered on the plate and a few almost fell off. Stacey, his “offended guest”, snickered as he scrambled to keep them from falling. He wanted to stick his tongue out at her, but that would have gotten in more trouble.

“Try again,” his mother demanded.

Bert pasted a smile on his face, bowed, and extended the plate.

“Would you care for a chocolate, Miss Arbuckle?”