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Blood: Brother

30 Oct

Two women sat in a dark booth of a pub, bundled tightly against a cold the other patrons could not feel.

“What do you think of him?”

“The eyes are right.”

“And the hair is perfect.”

Feeling their eyes on him, the man turned and raised his glass to the women. Emboldened by their matching smiles, he walked over.

“Do you think Mother will like him?” One said to the other. “She’s so particular.”

“If not, he’ll make a fine snack tonight.”

She smiled at the man, revealing her extended incisors. He tried to panic, but he’d already made eye contact.


Blood: Blue Blood

27 Oct

Sir, we found a woman begging an audience at the servants’ entrance.

The servant’s entrance? Why wouldn’t she use the front gate like a normal Xarflaxan?

She attempted that yesterday but was ignored by Magistrate Garfland, who now sends his deepest apologies.


She seeks asylum and claimed to be of noble birth, sir. A descendant of the Ularii House.

Preposterous. No wonder he ignored her.

Yes, sir. But you see…


By the servants’ entrance there was a struggle and she was injured. Her blood, sir. It’s blue.



But that means…

It means the Plax-Ularii prophecy is true.


Blood: Coldblooded

26 Oct

The sun woke him in the morning, hitting him square in the eye and warming the earth around him. Warmed, he’d leave his crevice and stretch out on his rock. Periodically he’d slink off into the shade and scope out a meal, but mostly he spent his time on his rock.

During cold or rainy months, he would hurry to find food before he grew too stiff to catch it. Sometimes he couldn’t be bothered to leave his nest at all. He lived for those clear, warm days when it was just him and the sun.

Nothing felt better than sunbathing.


Blood: On Your Hands

26 Oct

She’d had an easier time getting juice from freshly picked walnuts off of her hands than she was having with this blood. Days later, no amount of scrubbing would lift the stain that coated her hands and ran up her arms. She scrubbed whenever she found the opportunity, and made excuses to walk by basins, fountains as often as she could.

As the days passed and the stain grew more persistent, she took to wearing gloves to her elbows. Let them think she was putting on airs as the new Queen of Scotland. It was better than anyone discovering the truth.