Darwin’s Drabbles

A thing happened I suspected would happen!

During Drabble Week 3, I had an idea so big that it refused to be satisfied with a single 100-word story. I knew from the beginning of “senses” week that the weekend drabble would be about the 6th sense: ESP. I spent most of the week mulling over how to introduce this concept and tell a story in 100 words without taking the cheap route. I also couldn’t stop thinking about The Girl With The Silver Eyes which was one of my favorite books as a kid and given that I’m still thinking about it 20+ years later, clearly had some sort of impact on me.

Before I knew what was happening, Darwin appeared in my mind. No, not the famous scientist, but a little boy (at least at this point in his story) named Darwin who has premonitions. His Senses-themed drabble wrote itself (although at this time it’s not technically written), but more than that, I saw a box full of snapshots of his life in his arms. I realized that for any given theme, I could probably write a related drabble for Darwin using that box of snapshots.

And so, Darwin’s Drabbles was born. Every weekend (probably always Sunday, who’mi kidding?) I’ll take the week’s theme and write about Darwin’s life. They won’t be linear. They won’t even be chronological, but they will all have to do with Darwin and his premonitions.