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Senses: Shades

28 Sep

Brian could tell how bad his hangover was when he stepped outside. Inside, he could get by with keeping quiet and a bit of coffee. A hot shower and painkillers would go a long way to making him feel normal again.

Outside was a different story. That first step into the sunlight was brutal. His eyes would throb behind the red curtain of closed lids as he scrambled for his sunglasses. The longer he walked staring at the ground with his eyes barely open, the more potent the hangover was.

But really, who cares about Sunday’s sun while enjoying Saturday’s stars?


Senses: Spices

28 Sep

The smell of a bakery in the fall always took Stephanie back to her grandmother’s kitchen. She spent years trying to recreate the apple pies her grandmother made. She poured over other recipes, looking for ideas and inspiration. She went to the trouble of getting apples from the same orchard, but her creations were always lacking something.

Her accidental breakthrough came one afternoon when she misread a label and couldn’t start over. The pie she baked that afternoon was finally close enough to satisfy her memories, and she discovered her grandmother’s secret: cinnamon in the apples, but nutmeg in the crust.